Manufacturing & Smart Technology Solutions for a Smart Life

TEP Group International provides the highest
quality electrical products and solutions

Who Is TEP Group International?

The leading global manufacturer and distributor

We have high-quality electrical products and smart technology solutions

High-Quality Electric Products

All our products are produced at our most state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which employs a team of experts and cutting-edge technology

Smart Technology

Our employees are required to participate in ongoing training to ensure that they stay current with the latest technology

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Our Group

TEP Division

A Global Manufacturer With Local Technology Solutions

With factories located in Bahrain, US, India, and Saudi Arabia, we are a global manufacturer and distributor for safe, sustainable, and high-quality electrical products and solutions.

TEP’s quality products and smart technology solutions are globally accessible

High-Quality Manufacturing

From switch gears to cable management, and PVC cable management solutions. We use only the highest quality materials and components to ensure our products are safe and reliable
Manufacturing Solutions

Local Electrical and Smart Home Solutions

Even as a global manufacturer and distributor, our six direct-to-consumer stores allow for direct access to our high-quality electrical and smart home solutions
Store Location

Our Products

We improve the quality of life for people who use our products and solutions

What Our Customers Have To Say

Unlike the objective of far too many companies, manufacturing is not about a quick ‘exit.’ It is centered on long-term value creation


The TEP Difference

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities

TEP proudly melds together the best of human experience and technology to bring you top-notch products, crafted with care at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Rigorous Testing

TEP takes great pride in providing the utmost quality for its customers. This dedication involves rigorous testing and guaranteeing that all products adhere to international standards. Ensuring reliable quality every time.

Incorporation of Client Feedback

At TEP, we recognize that the most impactful solutions are developed through collaboration – bringing together our innovation and advanced production processes with invaluable customer feedback to create highly optimized products.
Enjoy the benefits of smarter manufacturing and technology today.

Enjoy the Benefits of Smarter
Manufacturing & Technology Today